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Summer Reading Club 2019

"It's Showtime at Your Library!"

June 17-29 sign-up for our Summer Reading Program, ‘It’s Showtime at Your Library!’ We’ll be taking you on lots of exciting adventures with summer! It’s Showtime at Your Library is for everyone at the Graves-Hume Public Library this summer! Books can take you through the arts; may it be magic, movies or music. We welcome you to begin your summer reading journey by visiting the Library to explore all we have to offer. Your Library is at the heart of the community as a gathering place with resources, programs and amazing services including this year’s summer reading book clubs.


As always, we’re inviting whole families to participate, including babies, toddlers, pre-K through 8th grade children, high school students, and adults. All participants 1st grade and older, will be required to have a library card, free of fines. Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers must have a parent with a library card.


The benefits of summer reading are clear. Children who read over the summer are better prepared for starting the next school year, so it’s important to not let reading skills slide. Reading will allow teens and young adults to continue exploring, learning and growing, essential skills to prepare them for their exciting futures. Adults will benefit from reading by increasing their memory and comprehension skills. Everyone is invited to pick up a book in any format – print or digital, turn a page or download to read or listen as you explore - It’s Showtime at Your Library.


(Date and times coming soon!)